Rules JWT, CAI-K
Dressage tests

ickd_rules_3 march 2012 6th edition.pdf

Eligibility for JWT

For JUNIOR WORLD TROPHY it is the responsibility of each National Federation or each Association which works for Kids Driving to ensure their own National Entries meet their eligibility requirements. Certificates of Capability and Records of Results must be sent by NFs or Associations that work for Kids Driving to the Organising Committee with their Nominated Entries, without which, the entries will not be valid.
National Federations or Associations for Kids Driving giving incorrect information will be reported to the ICKD Committee.

Maximum driven penalty points ( Competition A)

The ICKD shall publish the maximum driven penalty points allowed at JWT in Competition A, Driven Dressage, by which the Competitor concerned shall be qualified to continue into Competition B “Derby” and Competition C. The Ground Jury will have the final decision as to whether the Competitor may continue on to Competition B and C, taking into account any contributing factors. There will be no appeal.

The maximum driven penalty points (referred to above) in Competition A is 80